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Monday, July 05, 2010

Riches in the Grass

                   A Grasshopper & a Mosquito Share a Piece of Crested Wheat  Grass
                                                    by Monica Bedsole
There are so many tiny things of great value in the world of Nature that we tend to overlook! Their importance to our sustainment, nourishment, and healing is undervalued by civilization. From wild flowers to wild grasses, from herbs to seeds, from raindrops to top soil, the small pieces of the Web of Life gives us our food, our water, and our future. Each person on our planet should be taught to respect Nature and to cherish our planet. This wondrous globe is our home and the more we all know about Earth science and green economics the better. 
                   Landscape View of the Montana Prairie by Monica Bedsole
Some people respect only money. Some people respect only power. Some businesses and governments focus on their survival through destruction and consumption, rather than through conservation and preservation. These limited perspectives are crippling the planet. The little things in Nature remind us all that everyone is responsible for solving garbage, energy, and pollution issues. A shift is happening across each continent, in which human beings are becoming increasingly aware that they must embrace our dependence on the health and diversity of our ecosytems. It is necessary for all nations to look beyond money and power into a horizon of peace and cooperation in order to preserve life on Earth
                        Sage and Crested Wheat Grass by Monica Bedsole
The grasses of the windswept prairie provide rich graze for the gentle Ghost Horses and protective cover for many wildlife species. Rain from the north and west enable these grasses to grow. The overall health and temperature of Earth's atmosphere affect the yearly rainfall for this region. The energy policies of all nations influence the weather conditions across the globe. It is evident in this very simple chain of sustainment that the seeds of tomorrow's harvest are connected to international decisions. Our collective consciousness is facing the reality that humans are far too wasteful and far too greedy. For our species to flourish on Earth, we must take a closer look at environmental links that connect all creation. Small matters are leading to BIG changes!
                                   Montana Sunset by Monica Bedsole