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Friday, December 14, 2012

Restoring the Earth, One Forest At a Time

Plant Trees with your family and friends in the New Year!

The year 2013, is a critical time for the restoration of forests worldwide. Trees provide necessary oxygen and cooling temperatures for our entire globe. I urge everyone to connect with the Arbor Day Foundation and other non-profit organizations that support trees in order to plant as many groves, shrubs, and seedlings as possible in the coming months. The Earth needs healthy, massive woodlands in order to remain in balance.

Adventures begin by entering the woodlands.
The human psyche evolves due to the experiences in the forests.

Forests were the original gateways into the mysteries of human existence. Think of how many stories, myths, and tall tales involve entering the Wildwood. One of my favorite examples in children's literature is The Wind in the Willows. Also, where would Winnie-the-Pooh be without the Hundred Acre Wood? Consider the Ents in The Lord of the Rings. Their stately majesty and power saved the day when all seemed lost.

Trees Will Assist Us in Restoring the Earth!

In my own writing for Middle Grade readers, forests provide the settings for many grand adventures. For example, The Fairy Lore of Ghost Horse Hollow is based on the beauty of the Appalachian woodlands. The hardwood forests of North America are truly breathtaking. In eastern Kentucky, I was fortunate enough to see the stump of an old American chestnut tree. The girth of this extinct species was enormous! Several people could fit comfortably inside the remains of the trunk. I marveled at the size of the deciduous elders that once towered across the United States. It was once said that a squirrel could travel from Maine to Louisiana, and never touch the ground. Hind sight has shown us that we have cut down the original forests to our detriment. So many children in today's society cannot comprehend what our world once looked liked when forests stretched unblemished for miles and miles in all directions. Sadly, human technology and greed have destroyed the quality of life on Earth. Sustaining wilderness requires us to be protective and non-invasive. The challenge before the world community is to restore vast tracks of woodlands in spite of economic pressures and political strife.

The Beauty of Trees Inspires the Human Heart to Love More!
I urge all my readers, fans, and friends to remember the importance of forests throughout the world!
How can one person make a difference?
1) Try planting trees in your own backyard or local park.
2) Contribute to sustaining organizations that are focused on preventing the devastation of forests, especially in central Europe, central Africa, North America, and South America.
3) Visit state and national parks and let your political leaders know how much you appreciate their efforts to keep parks safe for families and tourists.
4) Recycle paper products.
5) Conserve fresh water.
6) Hug a tree! It should never be shameful to show respect and appreciation for the world of Nature.
7) Most importantly, let the next generations know that trees and forests are vital to their survival. We are the grandparents and great-grandparents of humans yet to walk upon our planet. In 2013, we have the opportunity to leave these future generations a legacy of beauty, strength, majesty, and true wealth. We have the opportunity to leave them healthy woodlands.
8) Share this blog with your family and friends!

More than ever, the forests of our world need our attention and respect.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ghost Horse Gift Gallery Opens for the Holidays!

Ghost Horse Gift Gallery is now open in Moffat, Colorado, on Highway 17 and County Road T. The new store features the fine intaglio jewelry of American gemstone sculptor Jack Williamson. The little hexagon gallery also carries excellent crystal specimens, gorgeous T-shirts, incense, candles, journals, books, cards, and coffee mugs, all with a metaphysical touch. The crystal carvings resemble the fantasy concepts found in The Fairy Lore of Ghost Horse Hollow. Jack Williamson inspired the character of Jake MacKennon in the Fairy Lore book series. Jack's artwork has been featured on Jewelry Television and throughout the United States. The new gallery is located in the heart of the San Luis Valley, one of the highest alpine desert valleys in the United States. The valley features many special stops for tourists, like the popular hot springs.

Quartz Crystal Goddess

Winter Tree

White Buffalo

Mushroom Fairy

We invite all our fans to stop by the new store in Moffat, Colorado, and shop for the holidays! Visit our sister website online at for directions and more information. The gallery is open Mon., Wed.-Sat. from 10AM - 5PM. Sundays, 11AM - 4PM. Closed on Tuesdays. Enjoy our 12% OFF SALE on Yule, Friday December 21st. The gallery is open all year long. 

Also, celebrate the joy of the season at the gallery with our Children's Christmas Corner on Sunday, December 23, at 1:00PM & 3:00PM. We will have cookies and hot chocolate. Gallery manager Vince Larson and Marilyn will be reading holiday tales aloud in front of the gallery hearth. Harp music will add to the enchanting readings. Many stocking stuffers are available for under $10, like tumbled stones, lip-gloss, annointing oil, sage, cards, hemp jewelry, and decorative tote bags.

GHOST HORSE GIFT GALLERY welcomes you in 2012!