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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our First Post

Hello all,
We are very excited to begin the journey of blogging. Anne Williamson (author) or Monica Bedsole (author's niece) will be the primary authors of these posts. I first want to invite everyone to visit our other hoof prints or websites that are helping us promote this enchanting book saga, including twitter, you tube, face book, and our own website. We encourage comments with questions, concerns, advice, and congratulations.

Here at the Hollow, we have had many guests stop by. Currently, we have a young ranch hand and the author's niece visiting for the summer. We may even have a Japanese exchange student visit for almost one month towards the end of the summer. Everyone has been extra helpful with taking care of the critters, tidying up the home and grounds, and promoting the Holly King.

Anne is currently working on a radio show that will broadcast around the world. When more information becomes available, that information will be posted on here as well. We just tallied up how many hits we have attained on the website ( since its start one year ago: a total of 122,162!

I hope everyone has a blessed day! Thank you for reading our blog and being a part of the extended Ghost Horse Hollow friends and family.

With Best Regards,
Monica Bedsole

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