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Monday, December 27, 2010

Peace : The Smart Global Choice

Peace: The Smart Choice for a Small Planet
As the world embraces another decade in the 21st Century, we must face the fact that there will soon be over 7 Billion Earth Citizens on our relatively small and fragile planet. Ecosystems, economies, oceans, and continents are decidedly in need of solutions involving restoration, preservation, and growth. Limited natural resources, particularly the availability of fresh water and rich top soil, are of global concern. National Geographic Magazine has done a very good job over the past few years in documenting the difficulties we face. The time for contention based on political or cultural differences is long past. Peace emerges as not only a conscientious choice, but also as a pathway of smart progression. All nations need to reconsider their foreign policies in order to include green energy economics and human rights for both men and women of every race, creed, and cultural background. Why? Why is peaceful co-existence so important at this precise interval in planetary history? The answer is simple: Peace implies cooperation. Cooperation equals survival, not only for our human species, but also for all the members of the bio diverse fabric of life.

 Ideas Change Ideas.

Many prominent figures from around the globe have spent their lives teaching humanity that ideas change ideas. When we think differently, we act differently. Some of my favorite heroes are Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Peace Pilgrim, Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and Nelson Mandela. Perhaps one of the most inspirational heroines during the American Civil War, was Harriet Tubman, with whom I share the same birthday. We were both born on March 10th. Her involvement with the Underground Railroad was extremely courageous. She struggled to free others, in spite of terrible dangers and conflicting social opinions. At present, not everyone is in agreement that the Earth is under tremendous strain to sustain life, nor does everyone see peace as a necessary component for planetary survival; however, the time for the evolution of human behavior is at hand. We must create peace by transforming how we solve international problems and handle cultural differences.

Nations Bring About Peace by Honoring Each Other's Right to Exist

Peace has never come from dropping bombs. Real peace comes from enlightenment and educating people to behave more in a divine manner.

Carlos Santana
September 1, 2004   Associated Press interview

Peace is not an easy choice, because humans tend to violently defend their freedom and their supplies. We also tend to aggressively snatch goods and opportunities from others. Finally, we are inclined to use our intelligence and our technologies to falsify evidence and obscure truths. Powerful individuals have always known that humans blindly follow leadership, if reward and punishment are ruthlessly distributed. The human race must progress and act with a greater amount of self-control. It is not enough to question authority. We must examine what we are doing and what impact our compliance is having on the society. May 2011, be a year of progress towards peace, compassion, and integrity for all nations!

The Time is at Hand for the Evolution of Human Behavior!

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  1. Peace is a wonderful dream. To achieve peace, man must love others as the Bible tells us to. Perhaps someday this will happen. Nice post.