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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Garbage to Gardens: Turn Throw Away Items into Useful Garden Tools!

Gardening Brings the Whole Family Together!
So many people are busy this season in the Northern Hemisphere tending their gardens. Fresh produce is in demand. If you have never attempted to grow or raise your own food, you may be pleased to learn that many items that we throw away are very useful for starting seeds. We can process some of our garbage throughout the year and save money on garden supplies while preparing for the summer harvest. At Ghost Horse Prairie Ranch in central Montana, we have a short growing season. Sometimes snow is still falling in late May! Our best bet is to start plant seeds very early indoors, so suitable containers are in big demand. Here is small list of containers for growing seeds that many folks normally toss out:
  • Milk Jugs cut in half with a small henge left near the handle make great miniature greenhouses
  • Large Plastic Juice Jugs cut in half let in even more light for make-shift greenhouses
  • Newspaper torn into four inch strips, rolled and taped, make tiny inexpensive planters
  • Metal cans, cleaned and stripped of their labels, make super seed cups. Use a simple bottle opener to punch a few drain holes near the bottom
  • Old tires can be turned inside out and trimmed around one rim to create useful planters for non-edible products, like cut flowers and ornamental grasses

Prepare Your Beds in the Fall with Organic Material and Plowing

I hope these little tips help you and your family save money on seed starter items! Next blog, I will share with everyone the secrets of using garden scraps to make easy vegetable beds and rich top soil. For now, here are some great books to get started on  growing your own food and herbal medicine. Enjoy!

Gardens bring smiles to you and your neighbors!

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