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Monday, November 21, 2011

THE HOLLY KING, A Family Holiday Tale #1



The Opening Gallop

Through Fairy Halls an’ Woodland Dells

There reigned a Herald King,

Who played upon a silver flute

In a giant’s magic ring.

He called to life the leaf an’ blade

Of grass an’ twig an’ flower.

O’ how he loved his pretty queen

Of royal mermaid power!

Come hear the tale upon the hearth

An’ stir the pot ‘til ‘morrow,

For ye be welcome, Babes of Men,

From labor, toil, an’ sorrow…

To wander through the Fairylands

An’ memorize Her gate,

A journey way to starry fields

Which blessed a kinsman’s fate.

He journeyed far, he journeyed wide

Through the land so fair.

An’ there he raised a goodly herd

Of stallion and of mare.

He held the Earth, ‘en from his birth

More precious than be gold,

And though his eyes were young as Spring

His crown was a thousand years old!

His Queen she bore a sword and spear,

A warrior princess, she!

They guarded all the lands they loved

An’ kept their creatures free.

An’ hand an’ hand, beneath the Moon

An’ the starlight glow,

They rode the wind, again an’ again

In sunlight an’ in snow.

So hear ye well this tale of hope

An’ breathless, daring deeds,

For who’d not wish to ride the back

Of Ellevar’s Ivory Steed?

An’ share the Lore with every youth

In the hour of their need,

That they might keep the Earth we love

From slavery an’ from greed.

The time has come to change our hearts,

Let courage lead the way!

The world must walk the Good Red Road

In beauty from day… to… day!

Ellevar's Ivory Steed
THE HOLLY KING is filled with real Ghost Horses!


  1. SO we begin the first holiday installment of THE HOLLY KING. You are most welcome to share the tale with your friends and family in time for the festivities of November and December. I wish each of my readers a very peaceful late fall and early winter. THE HOLLY KING may be read aloud to children and adults alike, so gather around the computer with hot chocolate and cookies. If you miss a blog post on Facebook, don't worry! I will post the number of installments in order on this blog, so you can easily find your missing chapter. Please feel welcome to follow my blog and tell others about this unfolding adventure for the season. In the spirit of old weekly radio broadcasts, I hope you will enjoy the experience of reading this special holiday book-on-blog!
    Anne S. Williamson, Author

  2. Thank you, Anne. The horses are so beautiful.