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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Stand

"I Stand"  was written last night after watching Avatar once again and reflecting on the Gulf oil crisis. This poem is a tribute to those citizens in the region that are doing all they can to protect and clean the beaches and wildlife areas which are being contaminated by tar balls and drifting sludge. I admire these Americans for their courage and their love for the shores and magnificent marine life of their homeland. A green and blue Earth is a healthy world, with diverse, well-managed ecosystems and massive territories for wilderness. We must set aside more Nature conservatories for posterity, allowing for educational excursions, quiet tours, and non-disruptive recreation.

The oceans, in particular, should include additional pristine park lands and preserves. We also must work together for the benefit of all nations in the development of clean, green energy and the non-invasive management of natural resources. The term "non-invasive" suggests that human beings should not disturb the soil, air, and water of a region in order to extract minerals or fossil fuels.

Bristol Bay in Alaska, is in particular peril at this time, and I urge my blog followers to learn more about this important Native salmon watershed. The Natural Resources Defense Council offers many informative articles : The  Ghost Horse Hollow adventure series continues to stand for family entertainment, environmental awareness, and the resurgence of old traditions that fostered humankind's sense of honor with regard to our planet. Please feel free to share this poem with others. I am delighted to stand with you. 
Anne Severn Williamson.

The first photograph was taken by our Intern Monica Bedsole. The other photographs on this blog are from iStock. They are a part of our Book Trailer "The Song of the Earth."

       “I Stand”  © 2010

I stand across a wavy line with soldiers in the blood,

With fools and tools and techno – pools before an oily flood.

A blackened wake from sea - charred smoke

And tides of tar and foam,

From distant smells that wrench and drench

The seaweed and the loam.

I search for kindness and for peace, for cleanliness and sweet release,

For never have the oceans cried nor wept red tears of grease.

Who would have thought the next great war

Would be a battle place

For leverages from black to green

To save the human race?

Look not for pressure valves to blow, nor crevices to seep,

Without the heart of Earth’s deep crust boiling havoc in the deep.

I stand … I STAND … and stand again,

But not alone stand I,

The tide of change is coming NOW,

Do not stand idly by!

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