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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tribute to the Sands

Why is conservation so important? Humankind is faced with the growing need to answer this question in order to survive on our irreplaceable, fragile, and splendid planet. We have long struggled to overtake and tame the forces of Nature, only to belatedly realize that we are unltimately linked to the Earth's diverse ecosystems and to their preservation. We cannot survive without fresh air, clean water, rich topsoil, protective atmosphere, and freedom to relax, rest, and grow. As people leave their footprints in the sands of the future, let them be steps towards a peaceful globe where Nature is cherished and honored. Our humanity is defined by our capacity to uphold the beautiful, and not by our abiltiy to destroy the inconvenient.

The Gulf Coast oil spill catastrophe is a worldwide wake-up call to turn our needs and our greed into a conscientious channel of positive, organized action. Green energy, green economy, and green life-styles make sense. It is only logical to care for our planet and not to abuse Her resources and our theater of existence. Clearly, the use of fossil fuels must go the way of the dinosaurs. We can make adjustments and improvements through innovations and new energy technologies. Recycling and the re-use of human waste and garbage have not been fully explored. Our practical steps towards clean environments will be an honorable legacy for the next seven global generations.
 Why read The Holly King: Part 1 of the First Triad: The Fairy Lore of Ghost Horse Hollow? The family novel launches a series of magical adventures that are set one hundred years in the future. The locations inside the book are none other than the endangered ecostystems of the Appalachian Mountains, whose breathtaking scenery and medicinal plants are part of humankind's planetary heritage. The foothills of the wilderness provide wondrous landscapes for daring deeds and marvelous exploits involving the MacKennon homesteaders and their equine companions, the legendary blue-eyed Ghost Horses. Each chapter in the series is filled with insights into humankind's relationship to the plants, animals, rocks, water, and soil of our globe. The wisdom pours out, drawing each reader into a deeper and deeper journey of thrills and revelations.
If you enjoyed reading Harry PotterThe Lord of the Rings, Fablehaven, or The Chronicles of Narnia, then The Holly King is the READ for you. If the movie Avatar stirred your soul to conserve and protect our world, so that it remains green and blue, then please join us in spreading the news throughout the Internet that the Ghost Horses are galloping for the Earth! We invite you to share our video, our blogs, and our Web site with your friends and family. The Ghost Horse Hollow series is for all citizens of our remarkable world. As the Seven Laws of the Fairy Lore unfold in the coming years, may the wisdom enrich your life personally, and may the characters set an example of harmony within the People... A ho. All My Relatives.
Anne Severn Williamson
In Tribute to the once pure white sands of Pensacola Beach


  1. I've watched the Weather Channel as they show pictures of the globs of oil that have come ashore on Pensacola Beach and the even more devastating pictures of oil soaked pelicans and sea turtles...What is humanity doing to our planet??? Why can't an effective way of resolving problems be found when they occur? Have "we" not learned anything from our past mistakes, like the EXXON Valdez diaster? With all the technological advances that have been made in the past century, why are "we" taking so long to insist on better sources of fuel/energy?

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! We agree with you completely. Actually, the Ghost Horse Hollow book series is devoted to inspiring all generations to care for our planet! Would you care to see our video on youtube and share the "Song of the Earth" with your friends?!